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Sheelah Brennan

Favorite Web Development Podcasts of 2018

It's been 2 years since my previous podcast favorites post, so it's time for an updated list of web development podcasts. This time around I'm also throwing in a bonus non-development pick as well.   Here's my short list of top web development podcasts for 2018!

  • Syntax: This is a newer podcast that covers a wide range of front-end development topics in a light, entertaining way. If you're into React, you'll want to check this one out as there is excellent coverage of that and its newest features in this podcast.
  • The Big Web Show: This one has been around a long time.  It features both design and development-related topics (generally at a more high level/”big picture” kind of way). I like this one because of its broader scope, and bonus: the host, Jeffrey Zeldman, has a really good radio voice.
  • Shop Talk Show: This one always makes my list.  It has great coverage of front-end development and design and I like that they still regularly have “rapid fire” shows where they answer listener questions.
  • Toolsday: This one is useful for keeping up on new front-end development happenings, and the podcasts are all generally 30 minutes or less. I like the CUBS (“Chris and Una build something”) series that they do regularly, where the hosts individually build something using some piece of tech that they haven't used previously and then share what they learned.
  • [Bonus non-tech pick] By the Book: If you're into making yourself a better human but don't have a ton of time to read or listen to self-help books, check this one out.  The hosts pick a book, read it, try out the book's strategies on their own, and then come to a decision on whether the book is worth reading.  The audio clips they record of their progress are also often very funny 🙂

That's all for 2018! Wishing everyone a fun and prosperous 2019.

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