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Sheelah Brennan

How to Configure SVGO to Preserve SVG Path IDs

While adding some SVG files recently to a website I worked on, I used a grunt plugin, grunt-svgmin, to minify the SVGs. Grunt-svgmin is SVGO under the hood. Once I ran it, I unfortunately, I discovered that the path IDs for the SVGs were minified as well, meaning that the custom CSS styling I had added using those IDs was no longer working.

Luckily, the fix was an easy configuration change, once I figured out what it was. I had to add a cleanupIDs: false parameter in the right place within my Grunt config, and then my path IDs were spared from the wrath of minification.

svgmin: {
     options: {
         full: true,
         plugins: [
             {removeViewBox: false},
             {removeUselessStrokeAndFill: false},
             {cleanupIDs: false}

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