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Sheelah Brennan

Recommended Podcasts for Web Development and Design

In an effort to keep up to date on the latest news and trends in web development and design, I have really found podcasts to be useful. They’re especially great because you can listen to them anywhere, including while driving to or from work (when your brain doesn’t need a complete break!). I find them more entertaining vs reading blog posts and way quicker than attempting to keep up-to-date on my RSS feeds on the same topics. Perhaps I have too many RSS feeds to begin with :).

Top Podcast Finds

My favorite podcasts for web development and design at the moment are:

  • Shop Talk Show: Always entertaining, and they have interesting guests. I also love that they always take questions from listeners. Someday I will ask one! Episodes are generally weekly.
  • The Big Web Show: Interesting guests as well, and the host is very thorough in interviewing guests, asking them all kinds of questions.
  • The Web Ahead: Also uses a host-interviewing-a- guest type of format. This one doesn’t have new episodes as often but the archives of past episodes are useful too.

Other Podcasts Worth Checking Out

These are other podcasts that I like (yes, the list goes on and on!):

  • The Non Breaking Space Show: A more recent find, and I’m liking it so far.
  • The Deeply Graphic DesignCast: More about graphic design than web design (and is definitely not about web development) but the topics are interesting and would be relevant if you are considering becoming a freelance web designer or developer. All of the co-hosts are freelance designers.
  • Hanselminutes: Has a wider variety of topics but some definitely useful gems here (Ex. overview of node.js).

Just a note on podcast apps: I am addicted to Pocket Casts, which has turned me into a podcast junkie :). I use the Android version which was recently completely revamped. It has proven to be well worth the $3.99. It also allows for syncing across multiple devices.

Happy listening!

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